1,024 Ways to Win Online Slot Games

1,024 Ways to Win Online Slot Games
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For many players, the thought of gaming action that really does put the focus on the action part is exactly what they’re looking for and while great bonus features and other elements are perfect for the excitement levels, sometimes you want a truly solid base game. One of the most popular formats on slots at the moment is 243 ways to win, which sees a fairly standard board where any adjacent symbols can form part of a winning combination, but that’s by no means the pinnacle of what players can expect. Instead, you should be on the lookout for games that offer a massive 1,024 ways to win, which entails an even bigger board and the same concept concerning adjacent symbols. In short, barely a spin goes by where you won’t hit a win and the free spins feature rounds which are commonplace become even bigger and better with this format thanks to the huge number of possible combinations. While it’s fairly easy to explain what 1,024 ways to win are all about, the best thing to do is to see it in action for yourself and you can do just that by diving straight into one of the great games featured below.

1,024 Ways Slot Games from Bally

Given their reputation for innovation, it will come as no surprise to players that Bally is at the forefront when it comes to 1,024 ways to win online video slots. One of the best ways to stand out in the crowd on the gaming floors of Vegas is to offer players a gaming opportunity unlike anything that they've seen before and that's what this developer did with the likes of Sumo Kitty and Thunderhorn. Those games were then ported to the online space and just so happen to be two of the company's most highly regarded online releases. They're now available in full and for free right here on the site, together with real money versions that you can find out all about in the full game reviews.

1,024 Ways of Action with IGT

Where Bally succeed, IGT is rarely far behind and they too have adopted the 1,024 ways pattern for some of their leading games. If you're a fan of Cleopatra, for example, then you can take things to the next level with the excellent Crown of Egypt slot, which follows the same kind of theme, even down to some familiar symbols, but this time it does of course include a massive 1,024 ways to win! Even players that aren't all that interested in the Egyptian theme are likely to find something enjoyable in the range, with games that include Miss Red and Miss White and even more, so this is one brand to keep playing with for all your high octane needs!

Other Great 1,024 Ways Slots

In all fairness, IGT and Bally are the clear leaders when it comes to this style and you'll have noticed that this is by no means the largest category that we feature here on the site. However, these two developers are by no means alone in offering the larger win pattern and, as you'd probably expect, Microgaming is also firmly in on the act. Among their leading games within this feature are the likes of Arctic Fortune and Jekyll and Hyde, both of which also happen to be two of the most enjoyable games around in their own right. Aside from these three developers, other 1,024 ways to win action is actually rather hard to find, but keep an eye on this feature as we're adding more and more games as soon as they become available! In the meantime, feel free to check out all the games that are already available right here on the site for free, or take a closer look at all the full game reviews for the best places to play for cash.