Alaxe in Zombieland

Alaxe in Zombieland
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Alaxe in Zombieland Microgaming Slot

If there is one thing that we know Microgaming is particularly fond of, it is a good pun in the name of their games and it doesn’t take a genius to work out exactly what inspired Alaxe in Zombieland. The developer must have caught Walking Dead fever as Alaxe isn’t going down the rabbit hole to enjoy tea parties and other fairy tale favourites. Instead, she is being placed in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, although from the look on her face in the game, we’d dare say that she’s probably well equipped to deal with absolutely anything that comes her way.

The action takes place over 25 win lines and some admittedly great looking themed symbols, such as Alaxe, the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat, are joined by playing card icons that have been embossed onto gravestones on this occasion. A brain is the wild card and it offers the standard benefits, although there are three symbols that it cannot fill in for here, something that is all down to the fact that there are so many scatters.

Tea Party Free Spins

The first bonus scatter would appear to be a clock that has been made out of an eyeball, which we assume is every bit as painful as it sounds. Landing one each on reels one, two and three at the same time will lead to them all turning into teapots. Players then choose one to determine the number of spins that they will receive on the next screen, which is packed with even more teapots. Players can then pick away to discover free spin numbers and potentially even a multiplier to apply to every prize won during the round.

The Grave Bonus

Given that the dead are up and about on Alaxe in Zombieland, it is fair to assume that there is not all that much use for graves. Landing the ornamental green scatter symbol on reels three, four and five will trigger a related bonus, where players are presented with a number of headstones. These can then be picked to reveal instant wins, and players can keep on going until they discover the “collect” icon in place of a win.

The Red Queen’s Adventure

Arguably the biggest bonus feature on the main game is the Red Queen’s Adventure, and this one is triggered whenever three of the key scatters land on reels two, three and four. Five tombstones are displayed on the screen, each with a cash value. Players start with the one on the left and must pick three flowers. These will also display a cash amount and the total of the flowers must be higher than that displayed on the tombstone in order to win. If players are successful, they will then proceed to the next tombstone, with the process being completed. Players that are lucky enough to complete all of the tombstones will be presented with six doors. Five of them hide a bonus multiplier to apply to all prizes from the round, while the other houses the Red Queen. Find her and there’s no multiplier at all, but with only a one in six chance, the odds are definitely in the player’s favour.

Alaxe in Zombieland may not exactly be one of Microgaming’s best known games, but we would certainly consider it to be a hidden gem in the range. A great mix of horror and humour is accompanied by extensive bonuses that will keep even the most demanding players entertained. You can see how they each play out for yourself by heading back to the top of this feature to get playing for free!

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