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Aliens Slot from NetEnt

The Aliens movie series made its name on the unique atmosphere that had never been seen before and so we can’t think of a better developer than NetEnt to make the official movie game. After all, nobody evokes a unique atmosphere through great sounds and visuals quite like them, so even before playing the game we knew that this combination would be a match made in heaven. The game itself is completely true to the movie too, with photorealistic graphics and surprises at every turn. Even the famous NetEnt control panel has been modified to suit the theme, looking more like a heads up display than a set of slots gaming controls!

The symbols on the board are mainly made up of high value aliens with a few lesser value but still themed icons bringing up the rear on the pay table. Of all the symbols, one of the most important is the Weyland-Yutani wild card and it’s particularly special as, with no wild cards in play, it can serve as any other symbol on the game when completing winning combinations.

An Alien Adventure

The star attraction on Aliens is undoubtedly the main bonus feature, and it starts off by being triggered in a rather unique manner. The multiplier meter above the reels is what you need to keep an eye on and all winning symbols, excluding wild cards, are worth a further notch up the trail. When the meter is full, the bonus round begins and you’ll be taking on the role of a marine as he searches the alien craft for extra-terrestrials. You’re guaranteed a win with every move, but successfully shooting aliens awards a bonus prize and all you really need to do is keep an eye on your ammunition. If it runs out, the round ends, but there are opportunities to pick up more, somewhat macabrely, by collecting it from the bodies of your deceased colleagues.

Should you manage to successfully navigate your way through the encounter, you’ll then enter the Hive, home famously to the alien queen. Two horizontal reels will enter the screen and you’ve got five spins to win as much as possible. Each spin will be accompanied by throwing a grenade at the Hive itself, doing as much damage as it can. Ammo continues to play a part and the round ends when you run out of it. Hopefully you’ll have destroyed the hive before this happens and if you do so, the biggest single prize in the game is yours.

Aliens is unlike any other game that you’re likely to have played before and does the movie justice unlike just about anything else since Scarface – also from NetEnt and also available here at Games Mania. It’s more than just a slot, it’s a full on gaming experience and you can see it in action right here on this page, all with no deposit required!

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