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Black Widow
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Black Widow IGT Slot Game

One theme that we had never given all that much consideration to when it comes to slots gaming was a title based around a serial killer. We didn’t expect it and, to be honest, never thought that we’d see it either. However, that opinion was quickly changed when we encountered IGT’s Black Widow for the first time and there are no spiders or members of the Avengers in sight. The term is used for a female killer who basically does so for profit, charming their victims before bringing them to their doom and either scooping their cash or claiming the insurance. We don’t believe this game to be based on anyone in particular, but there are certainly plenty of characters on the board to familiarise yourself with.

Super Stacks

Storylines aside, the action on Black Widow is typically solid with forty win lines in play and a typically large range of potential coin bets. There’s no wild card as such, although this is countered by the inclusion of the Super Stacks feature. This is IGT’s own creation and basically sees one symbol being chosen before each spin to become stacked on the reels, increasing the likelihood of landing multiple wins with it on any given spin.

Black Widow Free Spins

Perhaps the most common murder tool of this kind of killer is poison and so it is appropriate that a bottle of deadly green liquid serves as the bonus symbol. It appears only on the second, third and fourth reels and you’ll need to fill all three of them in order to trigger the bonus. This will then award seven free spins and while that may sound a little on the low side, it also grants access to the Web Capture special feature.

Both the male and female characters play a part within this added extra and the main goal is to land them on the middle row of reel three. Doing so will see them being ‘captured’, and each symbol has a multiplier attached to it. Capturing them will boost your line bet by the relevant amount and the best outcome is to land the Black Widow herself early on, as she will apply the multiplier for all other characters at the same time.

What makes Black Widow so great is the fact that it’s not just the theme that is unique. It’s backed up by solid main gameplay and an even better bonus feature that can lead to spectacular returns, even with only seven spins on offer. The free play version of the game is available at the top of this review but this is one game where we’d say the real money version is much more fun, so be sure to check out that one at the great IGT casinos we’ve tried, tested and listed in the sidebar.

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