Blackjack Game Versions and Real Money Options

Blackjack is perhaps the quintessential casino game with centuries of history behind it and it remains as popular today as it ever was. It's truly accessible and many players appreciate the lack of massive swings in the game – you may not win big on a single hand but you won't be put in a deep hole when the dealer turns over blackjack either! Even if you've never set foot in a casino in your life you've probably enjoyed blackjack in one form or another and nowadays the definitive way to play is online, either through a computer or even a mobile device.

Blackjack Variety when Playing Online

Perhaps the best thing about playing blackjack online is the sheer amount of choice on offer to players. When you head to a land based casino you'll almost certainly find just standard blackjack, possibly split between different table limits. It's tried and tested and the casinos themselves certainly can't be blamed for going for the popular choice. However, online casinos have no such limitations – after all, creating a new table means just a bit of bandwidth. This is exactly why playing blackjack online can be so much fun. If you're hitting fatigue from playing hand after hand, simply switch the rules up a little by playing a different game.

Here at Games Mania, for example, we've got Pontoon Pro Series which introduces the concepts of five card tricks and enhanced pay outs, or you may prefer instead to play Double Exposure Blackjack which sees the dealer revealing both of their hole cards before you need to make any decisions. They're just the start of the rule changes of course, but you can find out all about those games and how they play out within their respective review features.

Live Dealer Blackjack

There's no need to miss out on all the action and excitement of playing at a real casino when heading online either thanks to live dealer blackjack. Virtually every major casino offers a live dealer opportunity nowadays and it's close to playing in a casino because technically you are! However, rather than travelling to the venue, the game is delivered to you via a live video feed. The cards are real, as is the dealer and the table, opening up a whole new world of exciting gaming possibilities!

So, while you may be under the impression that blackjack games are much of a muchness, we can assure you that this certainly isn't the case! The most popular online versions of the game, from classic to single deck and everything in between, are offered right here at Games Mania!