Clockwork Oranges

Clockwork Oranges
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Clockwork Oranges by Mazooma

We whistled through our teeth when we saw the name of this game as we approached it for a review. “It’s a bit gritty and psychological for a slot isn’t it?” we equired. Sure, there have been some atmospheric gaming experiences before, such as on The Invisible Man and Dracula from NetEnt, but it might be tricky to translate the violence and all-round sadism of Stanley Kubrick’s movie to the reels. As it turned out, we had been swerved in the same way as on Rumble in the Jungle where there were no boxers in sight. The Clockwork Oranges of the title are actually just wind up fruits, which appear on numerous occasions throughout this game alongside playing card icons, the colourful wild card and a bag full of Clockwork Oranges as the highest value symbol in play.

As is almost always the case on Mazooma games, there are twenty lines over which to match all of these symbols up, although that number can be adjusted downwards individually if players prefer. Key in a coin bet and you are good to go!

The Clockwork Oranges Feature

The main feature on the game comes into play when players manage to land a Clockwork Orange scatter symbol on each of reels one, three and five. A larger clock will then be used to determine the number of hands used in the feature, with between one and three on offer. This then leads to another clock, which makes use of however many hands were earned on the previous one. The hands then spin and land on fruit symbols, which are added to the pay table. When all three symbols on any row have been completed, the associated prize is paid out, but you can never be too sure of when the hands will stop spinning so the sooner the prizes come into play, the better.

If you manage to land three oranges early on in this round then you are in luck as the Super Feature will be triggered. Rather than spinning and stopping randomly, the hands on the clock will now move one position at a time in a clockwise direction, collecting the relevant symbols as they go.

We get the distinct impression that Mazooma thought of the name of this game and then decided to build a slot around it rather than the other way around, but we have no problems with that given that the resulting game is actually lots of fun to play. It is by no means the most complex online slot ever made but a themed feature that can be packed with cash, together with decent sized wins in the base game, ensure that players will have no trouble getting into it. See what you think of the action by heading back to the top of the review for our instant play version, or find the full, real money version of the game over at any or all of our featured Mazooma partnered online casinos!

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