Firehouse Hounds

Firehouse Hounds
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Firehouse Hounds from IGT

Many of the latest IGT game releases have been rather unusual and innovative, but Firehouse Hounds lands in the mix as a reminder that they’re still true to the land based style that makes up their roots. If that makes the game sound boring then the good news is that this couldn’t be further from the truth as there are more than a few less than subtle additions that push it over the edge! Read on to see what the Firehouse Hounds have in store for players!

Wild Fires on the Main Board

One difference between any standard board and this one is that two of the Firehouse Hounds are ready and waiting with their hoses poised for any time a fire breaks out. You’re actually happening for quite the inferno when you’re playing as there’s always a chance that either reel one or five, or even both at the same time, can be set ablaze. This leads to them remaining completely wild on that spin before the Hounds somewhat unhelpfully put out the fire and things go back to normal.

Fiery Free Spins

Fortunately, the first and last reels aren’t the only ones that can be subject to a blazing inferno, as landing the fire bell on reels two, three and four will lead to the main feature on Firehouse Hounds. You’ll then be presented with three choices in order to uncover your free spins, with four, five or six on offer. This may not sound like the largest bonus game ever and it isn’t, but the best part is that the wild fires from the base game have really taken a hold here, to the point that they can’t simply be extinguished! In real terms, both reels one and five will be completely wild for the duration of the bonus game and there’s always a chance at landing even more free spins within the bonus round itself.

The strongest point of Firehouse Hounds is definitely its charm. When it comes to features and bonuses they’re all things that we have seen before but the way that they come together here, complete with some themed additions, means that this is one game that is not to be missed! Check it out in full and for free at the top of the page now!

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