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Garden Party
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Garden Party IGT Video Slot

Our first thoughts when it came to looking into Garden Party were that the game is pretty much just an IGT by the numbers affair, with nothing all that special to set it apart. Sure, the looks are more than passable with the themed icons in particular being nice and colourful, but otherwise it just looked like the latest in a line of original games that are good, without being great. That’s when we happened to notice that the game is played over four rows rather than conventional three and this piqued our interest, wondering whether this had an impact on the number of win lines. We weren’t disappointed either, as we soon came to realise that Garden Party was played over 1,024 ways to win and if that isn’t a great reason to stick around and delve deeper then we don’t know what is!

The Gnome Bonus

Aside from the wild card, which is about as standard as they come, the symbol to be on the lookout for on Garden Party is the garden gnome. Landing three or more at once will trigger the bonus feature of the same name and you’ll initially be presented with five planks of wood to pick from. They each contain a different free spins round and while they’re not massively different to each other, your selection can have a big impact on the outcome. Generally speaking, this is a case of trading off spins for bigger multipliers or vice versa.

Specifically, the largest multiplier on offer is twenty times, and you can grab five spins in order to attempt to make the best use of it. You could then bump this number up to ten spins, at which point you’ve got a fifteen times multiplier to look forward to. This continues with fifteen spins and a ten times multiplier, twenty spins with a five times multiplier and finally thirty spins and a three times multiplier.

We usually opt for the middle ground when presented with options like this and Garden Party is no different, with the fifteen free spins usually being where we settle. You can of course play completely differently – give the game a go with no deposit for as long as you like to see which bonus game best fits your style at the top of the page. When you’re happy with something to shoot for, you can play Garden Party online for real cash at one of the great gaming brands that we’ve featured in the sidebar.

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