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Gemix Play’n Go Game

Gemix to us sounds like one of those annoyingly addictive puzzle games that you would find on the App Store rather than an online slot, and it turns out that we’re not completely wrong in that assumption. This game from Play’n Go is part slot and part puzzle title, and fans of either genre will quickly pick up on which parts of the game stand out the most here. The action takes place across a seven by seven board rather than a conventional reel layout and we immediately noticed that this is one of those games that tracks your progress. The more that you play and win, the more different worlds will be unlocked and while the gameplay stays the same, it is always nice to see a few different backdrops as part of the action on any online slot. In fairness, the game will also give you an additional prize for moving from one world to another, and there are different random wilds in each one that can see more wilds being added to the board in a random pattern.

Match the Gems to Win a Prize

It’s not just the board that is different, but also the process of putting together a winning combination too. Instead of looking for matching symbols from left to right, players will instead be hoping to see clusters of gems of the same colour which are linked in any direction except diagonally. Land five together and you’ll qualify for a prize, with additional gems making for bigger returns from any given win. There’s a sort of rolling reels effect in play too, as the contributing gems will disappear from the board to be replaced by more that land from above. If this starts to create a chain reaction, you could well find yourself picking up one of the bonus features.

Crystal Charges

The Crystal Charges come into play on any spin where more than twenty gems have qualified for a winning combination. There are four of them and one is chosen at random by the spinning ball on the side of the screen. You could pick up the Nova Blast, which will see one gem exploding and all adjacent symbols being destroyed, or you may find yourself with Crystal Warp which will see one random symbol being picked before all matching ones are transformed into a different one. The Lightning Beam will cause one symbol to shoot a ray out vertically and horizontally, causing all affected symbols to turn into the one that did the shooting, and Chain Lightning will see lightning bolts hitting two different corners of the board, with all symbols in between turning into ones that match those in the corners.

If you manage to clear forty gems on a single spin, either naturally or with the assistance of the various features, then a three times multiplier will come into effect which is retroactively applied to every win that you have picked up by that point and any more that come into effect on the same spin.

Gemix is certainly something that is a little different to the norm and players that are looking for a break from the standard kinds of slots action are the ones that will really get the most out of what this game has to offer. If you’re a puzzle game fan then this is even better and you can see what it is all about with no deposit or download by heading back to the top of this review. Alternatively, you can of course head on over to one of the great casinos in the sidebar to immediately get involved with some top notch real money action!

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