Go Bananas!

Go Bananas!
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NetEnt’s Go Bananas! Online Slot

While the majority of the best known NetEnt online video slots are their progressive and movie themed games, it is safe to say that there is absolutely no shortage of great, original action among the selection. These games, including Go Bananas! and many more are all solid in their own right and give NetEnt a blank slate to demonstrate the sheer innovation that they bring to the table with great features and bonuses. Twenty fixed lines, bold symbols and standard controls mean that any fan can get straight into the action, but its then time to take a look at a special feature that all happens within the base game and is based on five different wild cards.

Where the Wilds Go Bananas!

The features easily fall into the category of being simple but effective and, as alluded to in the introduction, they are all related to a wild card symbol, of which there are five. Indeed, things could not be simpler at all as you simply need to land the wild card in question, at which point you’ll receive the bonus feature associated with that symbol.

First up is the gorilla and landing him anywhere on the board will see an x shape made on the reels. Every symbol that falls within this shape turns into a wild card and with no scatters in play, there’s no chance at all of this feature making things worse! He’s joined by the orang-utan and while you’ll receive fewer wilds, they can actually be more useful due to positioning. Specifically, this wild symbol will turn a square of four symbols wild, somewhere on the board.

The baboon wild is kind of like an evolved expanding wild in that he will turn a full reel completely wild. Unlike conventional expanders, that reel is not necessarily the one that he lands on though! The langur kind of works in the same way, but this time rather than the strip of wild cards being vertical, they are placed horizontally on the board. Finally, you may land the tarsier and he will award a cross of wild cards, with two horizontal symbols and two vertical ones.

Naturally, the best way to win big on Go Bananas! is to land multiple wilds at the same time. You won’t see a full board of wilds but you can certainly get pretty close! It’s lots of fun and chock full of surprises so be sure to check out everything that the game has to offer right here and right now at Games Mania!

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