Hand of the Devil

Hand of the Devil
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Hand of the Devil by Bally

Even the most experienced players of Bally slot games will be caught a little off guard by Hand of the Devil, especially considering that it is one of the more basic looking games out there. The devilish influence is clear to see on the game board with playing card suits wrapped in wings and horns, and the card ranks themselves being incorporated too. To all intents and purposes the symbols are functional rather than spectacular, but when the winning possibilities are this good then we don’t really care how the game looks!

The Bonus Bet

Bally is actually rather devilish itself on this game as they include a compulsory bonus bet. You initially set the game up as normal, with thirty win lines in play and a choice of stakes to place on it. What you have to bear in mind when choosing that stake is that your total bet will also include a further ten times that line bet which is effectively a charge to enjoy the features. In fairness, this is likely to put off many players but, as we always say here at Games Mania, money is no object when playing with no deposit so that’s absolutely no reason not to give the game a try!

Free Spins Bonus Feature

If you’re paying extra for a bonus feature then it’s only fair to expect something extra special when your scatters line up. Things start off just about as unspectacularly as possible as it’s more free spins, something that can be enjoyed on just about any other Bally slot with Bonus Bets being a bit of a rarity. However, there’s more to it than just the reels spinning automatically and with no cost. Landing three or more scatters will trigger the feature and you’ll initially be treated to a screen displaying five different sets of playing cards. You can select one of these hands to assist during the bonus and they’ll all serve as stacked bonus wilds, complete with a multiplier worth between one and five times the original prize value depending on the hand chosen. They also confer a secondary benefit to players as any wilds that do land on a free spin in this manner will remain in place for the rest of the round, potentially making the tenth and final spin the most valuable of the lot!

It’s hard to get away from the fact that Hand of the Devil charges extra for access to a bonus round but it is fair to say that it is no ordinary free spins feature. That said, it is a typically solid effort from Bally and we’d say that players will either love it or hate it – see which side you fall on by checking it out at the top of the screen with no deposit or registration required!

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