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Hot Slot
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Hot Slot by Barcrest

The retro style of casino slots continues to have a place in the hearts of players and there is always something to be said for a bit of nostalgia on the reels. Microgaming is perhaps behind the best examples, with an entire Retro Reels series of games that looks to evoke memories of fruit machines while playing online. The advantage that Barcrest has here on Hot Slot is that they were actually there and making the games when they were popular the first time round, so you would think that they would know a thing or two about delivering a truly compelling gaming experience to players.

Fruity Action with a Choice of Reels

The game certainly looks the part, with symbols that have been pulled straight out of the fruit machine line-up with lemons, melons and 7s being the most commonly seen. Unlike fruit machines, however, there are five reels and ten pay lines, so the wins can certainly come thicker, faster and downright bigger than pub players might yet be used to. Before you do set about spinning in those wins, you’ll need to take your pick of one of the reel sets at the top of the game. One of these sets is the Hot Slot, and the return percentage is set above 100% on it, although the game never actually lets on whether you have chosen the right one or not. You will remain on that board while a counter ticks downwards and when it reaches zero, you will be required to take your pick of one of the other board sets to continue playing.

The Big Bet

There is a small feature on Hot Slot that is in many ways similar to the Hi Roller Bet that can be found on games like Ooh Aah Dracula. In this case, you can place a bigger bet for five enhanced spins once again, but the main benefit of doing so in this case is that you will reduce the choices on offer when looking to pick the Hot Slot. Go with Game A for a higher stake and you will be able to pick one of two reel sets, with one of them guaranteed to be the Hot Slot. Game B is similar but the choices are extended to three, so if you are going to make use of this feature, we would always recommend going with the bigger one.

Hot Slot is basically packed with classic fruit machine action, but the video slot layout and added twist of the higher paying board can certainly make it an outstanding pick for anyone that has enjoyed some of the older games over the years while still appreciating modern bonus features. See what you think of what it has to offer on our no deposit version at the top of the page or play for real cash when you check out one of our most highly recommended Barcrest partner casinos.

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