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Hound Hotel
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Hound Hotel from Microgaming

Here we are at the Hound Hotel, which is the companion title to Kitty Cabana – also available at Games Mania. Both titles were released at the same time and we can only think that Microgaming was intent on giving a choice to the player base between cats and dogs as both games are pretty much the same. The good news is that while there are two the same, they are both lots of fun to play. In favour of Hound Hotel, we’d probably give this game the edge as far as the theme is concerned with slightly more effort seemingly having gone in to the symbols. Anyway, with fairly standard betting options, it’s time to take a closer look at the features that lie in store on this one!

Dashing Base Game Wilds

Like the betting options, actual gameplay within the base game is pretty standard stuff that any Microgaming fan will have absolutely no difficulty getting their head around. What allows it to stand out is the inclusion of dashing wilds, which can come into play during any spin that isn’t going to produce a winner. Ignoring the fact that we don’t like the game knowing whether we’ve won or lost before we do, it can see three additional wild cards entering the field of play. When this happens, they’ll come to rest in random positions – there’s no guarantee of a win but given that the spin was otherwise a guaranteed loser, we’ll take it!

Bonus Spins with Three Scatters

The bellhop is the scatter on Hound Hotel and landing him three times on a single spin will grant entry to the destination of the same name. You get to visit all three floors of the hotel as you build your bonus round and things do of course start off on the first floor. There, you’ll pick one of the doors to reveal a wild bonus, which may be a guaranteed wild reel or perhaps frozen wilds at either end of the board. Next it’s time to take the elevator to the second floor and that’s where the bonus multipliers are staying. Again, you simply pick a door and your multiplier is revealed, which will apply to all prizes won as part of the free spins. Finally, the third floor has been taken over by free spins – choose a door and out will pop the number of spins that you’ll be using your wild bonus and multiplier over.

The chance to actually enter the Hound Hotel as part of the game is certainly something for players to enjoy and is the definite highlight of this game. The dashing wilds help too although we found them to be a little underwhelming sometimes. Nevertheless, if you fancy a combination of a fun theme, lots of chances to win and a bonus round that has had some real effort put in, you won’t want to miss this game! Check it out now at the top of this review – just as with all our games, it is completely free to play!

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