Online Slot Games with a Jewel and Gem Theme

Online Slot Games with a Jewel and Gem Theme
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Like many of the most popular slots gaming themes, there’s a beautiful simplicity to jewels and gems that make them an absolutely perfect basis for any developer’s efforts at creating a simple but effective game. Sure, the symbols are generally not exactly stunning – although almost always sparkly – but the theme has evolved to often include specific gameplay techniques alongside the jewels and gems, most commonly rolling reels. Sure, that kind of action can be found elsewhere, but it is within this category that it is most prevalent. Aside from this, it is the simple but effective mantra that can be kept in mind when it comes to this theme, and if that sounds like your idea of a good time then be sure to check out everything that is on offer below! We’ve also put together our own recommendations for players too, so if you’re struggling to take your pick, they’ll certainly come in handy.

IGT - The Innovator of Jewels and Gems Slot Games

Even in the biggest categories of online video slots, it is safe to say that one developer has to take the bull by the horns and release a game that really gains traction. Other developers then borrow inspiration from these titles and thus a popular theme is born. In the case of jewels and gems, that developer was IGT, something that can be said of many of the biggest slots categories in the world. The game in question was Da Vinci Diamonds and it set the tone for what would become a genre in its own right. The aforementioned rolling reels are in place, where winning symbols disappear and are replaced by new ones for additional winning combinations without the need to take another spin. There are other games that build on this success within the very same range too, most notably Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play, and if you want to see the games that started it all when it comes to this theme, IGT is the developer to check out first.

Microgaming's Gems and Jewels

Barely a Category feature goes by here at Games Mania without making mention of Microgaming and the jewels theme is no different. It's fair to say that they've got so many games to their name that everything has been tried at least once, but the gems theme is something that they've had plenty of success with. Perhaps the biggest of these games, unsurprisingly given the name, is Reel Gems which, in many ways, crams in exactly what the majority of players are likely to be looking for. The developer also has a bit of a passion for using gems and jewels to fill in for the often tiresome playing card icons too, so you'll find a number of different entries from the company among the full range of games at the top of the page.

Cracking Jewel Themed Games from Other Big Names

IGT and Microgaming may be innovators in the field but they by no means have the monopoly on such games - just ask Novomatic! Specifically, Just Jewels Deluxe is one of the company's best known titles and a great looking game in its own right to boot, so you won't have to look all that hard to find what makes it so special. Sadly, it's the only jewels themed game that the developer currently offers so it's relegated to a mention at the bottom of the feature, but that in no way reflects on the overall quality! NetEnt, Bally and plenty of other big name developers have also dabbled in the theme in various ways too, so get back up there and get exploring where all the games are free to play and great to try if you're looking for something new!