Monopoly Once Around Deluxe

Monopoly Once Around Deluxe
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WMS’s Monopoly Once Around Deluxe

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Ever since IGT’s Monopoly games were cruelly snatched away from us, we’ve been expecting a WMS release that makes proper use of the game board ever since and that day has arrived. It’s all packaged up inside Monopoly Once Around Deluxe and while there’s no relation to Novomatic on this game, the inclusion of “Deluxe” in the name should give players an indication of just how great this game looks. The board is packed with familiar symbols ranging from the Electric and Water Companies to the free parking car and even the game tokens make an appearance.

The Importance of Mr Monopoly

Whether you call him Mr Monopoly or Uncle Moneybags, the fact is that he’s a pivotal character during the base game here. One pose of his is used as the wild card and it’s pretty standard but still useful when attempting to line up wins across the fifteen win lines. There’s another version of the main man presenting the dice to the player and this is the bonus symbol, which we’ll come right onto as it leads right into the main event.

Hit the Board

Three or more of those bonus symbols in view at the same time will see players granted direct access to the Once Around feature and it is unquestionably the highlight of the game. Choose from the hat, cat, car, dog or boot to represent your character and then grab the dice to make your way around the board – once of course. Well, we say once – it is actually possible to land on a certain Chance or Community Chest card and advance to Go while triggering the Twice Around feature. As the name suggests, this presents a second opportunity to make your way around the game board and this time prizes are worth twice as much as one your first attempt. There are other surprises on these cards too that can turn any feature entry into a big win in their own right.

It’s not all good on the board, however, as squares like Go to Jail and Luxury Tax are just as annoying as they are when playing in real life. They can take wins off you or even stop you winning anything else within this particular round altogether!

The main objective of the feature is to land on certain properties and win cash for doing so, just as you’d expect. However, one of the best twists in the game is that you can use real money to beef up certain squares with the purchase of houses and hotels. It’s risky business but if you’re confident of landing on a certain street, you can pay to make the outcome even bigger and better.

That final part about the bonus round can certainly take some practice and we’d actually actively encourage players to try the game out with no risk beforehand. As always, this and all of the other WMS Monopoly releases can be played in full and with no deposit required on their respective review pages and we’d definitely suggest getting a feel for the action before you dive into the real thing! When you’re comfortable with how this top notch feature works, you can then move on to real money action almost instantly as the full version of Monopoly Once Around Deluxe can be found right now at each and every one of our highly recommended WMS partner casinos!

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