Leading Movie Themed Online Slots

Leading Movie Themed Online Slots
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The movie theme is something that players and developers alike can never get enough of. For developers, they’re absolutely perfect – as long as your game is based on a movie that is relatively well known! You’ve got a readymade cast of characters to serve as symbols or perhaps the inspiration for a bonus round, and an easy route to market as players always love to enjoy some action that they can already relate to just from looking at the game. Speaking of the players, these games give them the chance to see exactly what the developers can pull off by way of gameplay and bonuses when the theme itself requires very little work! Many of the games featured here within this category are among the most played around almost by default as there’s always a clamour to get your hands on some branded action – so let’s see exactly what this particular category has in store for fans!

Games from NetEnt and Universal Pictures

NetEnt is already one of our favourite developers and we're pretty sure they're one of yours too and they pulled off nothing short of a masterstroke when they signed an exclusive deal with Universal Pictures to design and build games based on some of the most famous movies of all time. Rather than relying on the very latest releases, they instead gained access to one of the largest back catalogues of notable screen gems in the world. Their eye for a deal is matched by the quality of the games too and we've already been treated to awesome themed action on the likes of Dracula, The Invisible Man and Frankenstein. While horror and suspense is definitely popular, that's by no means all that's on offer when it comes to NetEnt movie slot games either, with Scarface standing out in particular as one of the most enjoyable games of its kind of all time!

Microgaming's Movie Slot Range

There are plenty of similarities between NetEnt and Microgaming, just as you'd expect from the two companies that sit atop the tree when it comes to online developers, and this extends to their passion for movie slots too. There's more of a mix of modern greats and all-time classics when it comes to this developer, with the latter being strongly represented by excellent games based on the likes of Jurassic Park and Terminator 2 - Judgement Day. Among the more recent games are top titles like The Dark Knight Rises, based of course on the movie of the same name. Something that really stands out about Microgaming in this particular genre is the fact that most of their branded movie titles are so good that they're well worth playing even if you've never seen the film itself!

Great Big Screen Gaming Action

We've already explained why developers are so passionate about movie themed slots, so it will come as no surprise that virtually every company is more than happy to try their hand at such action. We already featured IGT's Star Trek games in the space category here on the site, but the games are so good that they definitely warrant another mention here, and you can also try your hand at WMS's official Wizard of Oz games or perhaps the best of the Marvel range from Playtech, right here on the site!

The movie theme is one that is always getting bigger - every time a popular movie comes out, you can be sure that one of the big names will be on hand to snap up the license. That's why it can be a great idea to keep checking back here at Games Mania as we're adding the biggest releases as soon as they become available. There's no need to wait around either - the biggest movie themed slot games are live and ready to play here on the site instantly; head back to the top of the page to get involved for free!