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Nordic Heroes
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Nordic Heroes Slot from IGT

With no set release schedule, a new game from IGT is always exciting and that can certainly be said of Nordic Heroes, which already ranks as one of the best looking recent releases that we’ve seen. The board looks very busy but that’s certainly not a criticism as it is directly linked to the fact that the symbols and even the board itself look absolutely amazing. The game itself has been described as ‘epic’ by some, so let’s see first-hand what it brings to the table that we haven’t seen before.

The Board and Symbols

The core mechanics are certainly nothing out of the ordinary, with the game relying on a standard game board and adding thirty win lines into proceedings. We’re usually happy to see the absence of playing card icons at any time, but that counts extra here with the symbols that take their places looking so good. A fiery wild card fills in as its normal role and there are eight other symbols in play to attempt to line up. There’s also a random chance to trigger the Mystery Multiplier Reel when the Battle Bonus is not activated, and this will simply apply a boost of between two and thirty times to any prize on the board, depending on your level.

Earning Experience

Nordic Heroes seems to be part slot machine and part World of Warcraft, as one of the most interesting elements is the fact that players can earn experience as they play and level up in the process. This experience is earned by triggering the Battle Bonus and will see players rising through the ranks from a wanderer all the way up to a champion. Heading up this ladder will see a second character, Ragnar, being unlocked to join Thora in proceedings and switching between them will also change the main board symbols. You’ll also trigger the Sea of Glory area at the defender rank, gain more abilities for use in the Battle Bonus and permanently increase pay out levels too.

The Battle Bonus

We’ve mentioned it a number of times already so you’re probably curious as to what the Battle Bonus is all about. It is the main event on Nordic Heroes and is activated by landing a bonus symbol on reels one, three and five at the same time. The premise is battling monsters and participating in a free spins round too, and players will technically begin the round with unlimited free spins. Following each spin, the hero will take on a monster and lose health with every hit taken. When the health meter has been completely depleted, the round is over, but it’s not just as simple as that! Defeating monsters keeps the round going and also adds further boosts to the board, with extra wilds and multipliers on offer. Characters can also benefit from various weapons and abilities to aid the fight, which improve as you progress. The aforementioned experience is earned when players complete the round, so you’ll essentially be guaranteed an even better bonus each and every time you enter it.

If you’ve been on the lookout for something new and unique to play this month then Nordic Heroes could well be it. There are multiple different elements of the game that are unlike anything we’ve seen before and this is one game that can be just as thrilling to play for free as for cash! Check it out now here at Games Mania to see exactly how it all comes together and makes for a brand new twist on IGT action!

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