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Pompeii by Aristocrat

For a city that no longer exists, Pompeii has had one heck of an influence on literature and popular culture over the years. With slots developers always happy to delve into ancient history for inspiration, it is no surprise to see the devastated town being represented on the reels and Aristocrat is the developer with the plan. The game is characterised by being everything players expect from Aristocrat with a few extras thrown in on top. There are also bonus points for appealing to fans of Romans everywhere with some stunningly bold designs!

Reel Power in Rome

One of the most appealing things about Aristocrat slots is the Reel Power system, a 243 ways to win combination that was ahead of its time and only now is starting to become part of the mainstream of slots gaming. Essentially, you can forget everything you know about conventional win lines as adjacent symbols, starting from the left reel, will lead to the wins described in the pay table.

Vesuvius is Going Wild

While the residents of Pompeii probably wouldn’t be thrilled with Vesuvius having a starring role on the game, players will be more than happy to see it as it serves as the wild card. It may seem a bit weak at first, appearing as it does only on reels two and four. However, it gets much better when players consider the multiplier as a wild on reels two will treble all relevant prizes, with one on the fourth doing a similar job but five times over. Complete a win using the wilds on both reels and they’ll even multiply each other, leading to a prize that is worth fifteen times the standard value!

There’s more too, as the Roman coins will lead to free spins and the more you land, the better the rewards. Even three coins offer a decent round of ten free spins and things get even better when you hit four with fifteen spins available. A coin on each of the five reels makes for the maximum bonus game – a cool twenty spins – and no matter how many spins you start off with, you can always pick up more within the round itself.

Rarely is a wild card that only appears on two reels this potent and we’re big fans of the multiplier which is particularly handy in combination with Reel Power. The free spins many be fairly standard when it comes to Aristocrat but when you bring it all together like this, you’ve got a truly stunning and understandably popular game in the shape of Pompeii!

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