Pyramid – Quest for Immortality

Pyramid – Quest for Immortality
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Pyramid – Quest for Immortality Slot game

Our selection of games based around Ancient Egypt here at Games Mania continues to get bigger and bigger and the very latest addition comes from NetEnt. They’ve dabbled in the theme before with great looking titles like Egyptian Heroes, but where that one is all about gods and power, Pyramid – Quest for Immortality is a little more traditional, at least as far as the looks are concerned. With symbols and carvings that will be familiar to anyone that has enjoyed Egyptian slots in the past, it looks great, but keeps the theme’s standard going.

720 Ways to Win

The differences between this game and other leading slots, Egyptian or otherwise, soon come to the fore and it all kicks off with a rather unique game board. With reels that grow in size until they reach the middle of the board before tailing off again, Pyramid looks somewhat reminiscent of some of IGT’s top games like Siberian Storm. The intention behind the redesign is certainly similar, as the game boasts an all pays system with 720 ways to win on each spin.

Rolling Reels with a Rising Multiplier

The game continues to break convention by ignoring the standard concept of bonus rounds in favour of action that all takes place on the main game board. The symbols are displayed on blocks in a move that is reminiscent of Gonzo’s Quest, and when a winning pattern has been completed, the relevant symbols disappear as more blocks enter the screen from the top. Should you manage to kick off a chain reaction of wins, you’ll not only be treated to an increasing multiplier that can be worth up to ten times the standard prize value, but also enhanced wild sectors on the game board that can virtually guarantee success!

Pyramid – Quest for Immortality keeps things pretty simple although it’s a must for anyone that enjoys the Egyptian theme. It will also appeal to anyone that hates waiting around for the correct combination of scatters and prefers instead to rely on big wins that can land at any time, right there in standard play. See how it all works for yourself by playing the full, free version of Pyramid at the top of the page, or play for cash and great bonuses over at one of the excellent casino brands featured in the sidebar.

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