Quick Hit Online Slots

Quick Hit Online Slots
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Between them, Bally’s range of online slots in the Quick Hit series have proven to be some of the most popular games of all time. They did of course start out life as land based favourites in Vegas casinos and beyond, but now they’re also taking the online world by storm as more and more players get to see exactly what makes them all so special. Bally understands this popularity too and you can rest assured that you’ll always find a new release every few months, keeping the name alive and delivering some more stunning slots entertainment at the same time! From the classics to the latest games, we’ve got them all here at Games Mania and you can check them out instantly below:

Play the Quick Hit Series Slots:

The Quick Hit Experience

As with any self-respecting video slots series, the Quick Hit games share plenty in common with each other while also being able to stand out in their own right for a wholly unique gaming platform. It is fair to say that if you're comfortable with one game, you're sure to know your way around another without even playing it, but will still have plenty of excitement to look forward to as the features unfold. They all offer a decent number of win lines, with the majority making use of either thirty or forty line layouts, and the famously flexible Bally betting options ensure that players can get started with the smallest possible bets or the kind of stakes that would make a high roller blush!

The Quick Hit Symbol

What links together the Quick Hit series of video slots more so than anything else is of course the Quick Hit symbol itself. If ever one symbol truly epitomised a gaming range, this one is it as it has been responsible for some of the biggest standalone wins in slots gaming history. It works like any other scatter except rather than going for a bonus round, you're taking a shot at instant cash prizes. While only a couple of symbols in view will do little more than return your stake, the fact that you can land symbol combinations that often run into double figures and award prizes accordingly make this one of the most famous winning opportunities in gaming!

Solid Bonuses

The bonus action on Quick Hit slots is a little more diverse, although you can almost always rely on free spins, often in conjunction with an added extra. Quick Hit Pro, for example, will give players the opportunity to enjoy a pachinko style bonus game that is rarely seen on the reels and is just one more great reason to play these iconic video slots!

Play Instantly

If you're already a fan of Bally's Quick Hit series or even are looking to play them for the first time, you're in the right place. Games Mania is the home of these slots as soon as they become available and we pride ourselves on delivering the full range of games for instant, no deposit play. We've also got everything you need to know about enjoying these classics for cash too, including the most highly recommended, reputable Bally partner brands in the world!