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Secret Code
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Secret Code from NetEnt

The name of this game is probably fairly ambiguous but one glance at the reels after the game loads shows that someone on the development team had recently read or watched The Da Vinci Code before coming up with this idea. Indeed, Secret Code is packed with ancient symbols that wouldn’t look out of place on one of the historical games from WMS, and also comes complete with a couple of investigators who are of course looking to crack the code in order to realise the potential profits that await!

Base gameplay is pretty standard fare but that is generally the case outside of licensed NetEnt games. There are twenty win lines in play and a wild card that is depicted by a rather strange druid-type character but that’s pretty much all that there is to look forward to until players hit the bonus features – so it’s a good job that there are two of them to look forward to!

The Secret Code Bonus

One of the bonus rounds shares a name with the game itself and you’ll be on the lookout for the lock and key symbol on the third, fourth and fifth reels in order to trigger it. Five characters appear on the next screen, each holding a box and the good news is that the round also comes complete with five keys. Choose one of these keys and drag it to a character of your choice – their box will open to unveil either an angel for an instant win or a demon meaning that you win nothing at all. Essentially, it’s a pick a win bonus but it has been modified to suit the theme and pulls it off nicely.

Secret Code Free Spins

The biggest wins on Secret Code are to be found within the free spins bonus and three or more scatter symbols are all you’ll need in order to enter. Click one of the triggering scatters and you’ll find a number of spins to play through, together with a multiplier that can be worth anything from one to twenty times the prize value. When the round ends, your prizes are totted up and you’ll have the chance to gamble all or half of the win – or none at all. This option remains until you either collect it all or run out of funds to gamble, with the whole process being watched over by even more druids.

While not officially licensed, Secret Code may as well be based on a Dan Brown book and if that sounds like the slot game for you, this one won’t disappoint. It does an excellent job of tying the features into the theme for a compelling experience and one that is highly recommended. Play it instantly right here on this page for free, or enjoy all the action with real prizes up for grabs by heading over to one of the great gaming brands in the sidebar.

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