South Park – Reel Chaos

South Park – Reel Chaos
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South Park – Reel Chaos Slot

Rarely has there been so much pressure on a slot machine sequel as when NetEnt announced the imminent launch of South Park – Reel Chaos. Sure, some games have tried to follow the success of their predecessor and not done quite as well – with IGT’s Cleopatra 2 being the perfect example – but given NetEnt’s track record and the high quality of the first game, we always held high hopes for this one. The great news, both for fans of the original and those that are new to the franchise, is that they’ve most definitely delivered.

The action focuses on the superhero alter egos of the main characters – even Butters gets a look in as one of the starring characters in his guise as Professor Chaos. As with the first game, this one is all about initially accessible gameplay that is then bumped up a fair few notches by the inclusion of some truly spectacular feature based action, so let’s get straight into what the bonuses are all about!

Random Base Game Bonuses

A NetEnt slot game with no base game bonuses is definitely a rarity and even more so on one of their biggest name releases, so you’ll be pleased to see that they’re certainly not absent here. As with the first game, they’re each based on popular characters and the four main boys are the stars here. Cartman’s bonus relies on General Disarray appearing at the top of a reel. If he does so, Cartman as the Coon will enter the action and create a stack of wilds to climb to catch him. The best part of the feature is that he isn’t always successful first time and sometimes needs multiple stacked wild reels to get the job done, with the player reaping the rewards!

Kenny as Mysterion may start fighting Professor Chaos at any time and the better he does in the fight, the bigger the multiplier that is applied to wins on your current spin. If a spin doesn’t win then Stan may come into play to rectify it. He’ll appear and ensure that the reels keep on spinning until a win is awarded, all at no cost to the player. Subsequent unsuccessful spins will also award a multiplier that can reach up to ten times the original prize value – something that is well worth having in the tank when you know for sure that a win is on the way.

Finally, some of Professor Chaos’s minions can escape and make their way onto the board. Should they do so, Kyle will appear to shoot them, leaving behind a wild card symbol in their place.

Epic Bonus Spins

The Epic Bonus Spins are the main feature on South Park – Reel Chaos and Mint Berry Crunch is the star here. Land his bonus symbol on reels one, three and five at the same time and you’re in. As the spins play out, the star will battle four different enemies. A winning spin increases his health while a loser depletes it and the round continues as long as Mr Crunch remains alive. Successfully beating an opponent will restore health and award an incremental multiplier, meaning that the better you do early on, the more chance you have of a really long bonus game!

Overall, South Park – Reel Chaos is a worthy follow up to the original South Park slot, one of the best games of all time, with equally sumptuous graphics and bonuses that more than stand up and be counted. We recommend this game just as highly as the original, and you can check them both out in full and for free right here at Games Mania!

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