Top Notch Space Themed Slot Games

Top Notch Space Themed Slot Games
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Captain Kirk may have considered space to be the final frontier, but that’s certainly not the case when enjoying top notch action right here at Games Mania! In many ways, space serves as the perfect setting for any kind of reel based action, with a choice of aliens, planets, stars and more to serve as symbols and background images that virtually design themselves. Whether you’re looking to go on an alien battling space adventure or sit back and marvel at some of the best looking symbols ever made, this particular theme incorporates all of it and more, so get exploring with the full range below, or read on for our very own recommendations.

Space Based Slot Game Action with Microgaming

Microgaming definitely knows a thing or two when it comes to top notch gameplay and giving players exactly what they want, but wrapping it all up within a space theme somehow makes it all even more enjoyable. One game that definitely deserves a special mention is Max Damage and the Alien Attack, and you can tell from the title exactly why this game falls right into this category. It is one of the most enjoyable games out there, cramming in classic Microgaming action within the base game with plenty of chances to win big in the bonus rounds. It's the star of the show as far as we're concerned, but by no means alone within the selection thanks to great games that cover bonus rounds based on the old Asteroids video game to just about anything else you can think of. Microgaming ranks highly within many of our slots gaming categories, and space is absolutely no different!

Plenty of Space Variety with NetEnt

If you want both quality and quantity at the same time, all with a space theme, then we cannot recommend NetEnt highly enough. The choice on offer is absolutely sublime, ranging from the simple but effective to some of the most exciting, immersive slots games ever made. Big Bang and Cosmic Fortune serve as the perfect introduction to the genre, with the latter even cramming in some of the most exciting bonus rounds ever made - covering not just space themed games but every genre imaginable. From there, you're still only scratching the surface of what's on offer with everything from Evolution to Elements - The Awakening fitting nicely into this category and providing truly top notch action.

Space Based Classics from the Biggest Names

As with the majority of the different slots themes featured here at Games Mania, you'll find something that fits the bill within the selections from just about every single developer. We've got to mention IGT here, alongside WMS. The former is on hand to deliver top notch action based on the latest reboot of the Star Trek movie franchise, while the latter will appeal to fans of the classic series with the original Kirk and Spock represented in all their glory. Space has also been touched on as a theme by plenty of other big names, so head back to the top of the page to check out the full selection of what we have to offer. Each and every slot game is live now and ready to play, with each review also incorporating the best places to play for cash if you'd like to ramp the excitement levels up a notch!