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Sparks from NetEnt

It has been a good few years since NetEnt has released what we would deem to be a bad looking game and their streak of success in the graphics department continues here on Sparks. Compared to the in your face stylings of games like Neon Staxx, it’s actually quite subtle on Sparks and the symbols are rather delicate and, well, sparky!

Play Both Ways

Most of the options and controls on the game are exactly what players have come to expect from NetEnt over the years, although there is one main difference between this and most other games. You’ll notice near the bottom right of the screen that there are two arrow buttons. This gives players the opportunity to decide to play conventionally, from left to right, or opt instead to go from right to left as well. This initially looks like a great deal as the spins cost the same either way, although that excitement dies down a little when you notice that prize values are halved when playing both ways. Nevertheless, it is a new dynamic and choice is always a good thing when it comes to the latest games!

Expanding Wilds for the Biggest Wins

Rather than offering a separate feature round as part of the game, NetEnt has once again decided to cram all of the action into the base game. Setting Sparks apart from the crowd is the inclusion of cloning wilds. There are two wild cards to keep an eye out for – the blue one is the standard one and works exactly as players would expect. The orange one, however, is special and lands only on reels two and four.

First up, this special wild has the ability to spread upwards, downwards, both or neither. In effect, it’s a highly temperamental expanding wild that could see the reel being filled but could just as easily remain in one position. No matter what it chooses to do, all symbols on the left of a wild will be replicated on the right, for an easy three in a row. The really big wins occur when there’s a special wild on both reels two and four, as the symbol on the first reel will first be cloned to the third, and then to the fifth for a guaranteed five of a kind win. Now we see why the pay table changes if you play both ways!

The biggest strength that Sparks has to offer, aside from the delightful graphics, is the fact that it implements a base game bonus that has never been seen before. You’ll want to play this if you want to have experience of every possible slot game feature and there’s no need to wait around as the full game is live and free now at the top of this very page!

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