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Vegas Hits
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Vegas Hits by Bally

Las Vegas is the capital of casino gaming and Bally makes no secret of the fact that it is particularly passionate about its home town. Not only do they reside there by way of a headquarters, but they’ve also got a whole host of online slots to offer based on the city as a theme. You may encounter Big Vegas or perhaps Quick Hit Las Vegas, but today we’re going to take a closer look at exactly what Vegas Hits has to offer.

The first thing that will catch your eye, unlike on many other Vegas themed slots, is the backdrop. It’s effectively an aerial shot of the city and if you’ve been before then you’ll surely pick out somewhere you recognise with such names as the MGM Grand in full view. Obstructing the view slightly is of course the game board which is conventional in nature but still manages to cram in a full forty win lines of action. Symbols range from photorealistic cherries to themed icons such as dice and roulette wheels and while there’s no wild card in the action, you will definitely want to keep an eye out for the green and blue pokier chips, emblazoned with the famous U-Spin logo. They’re different to the multiplier chips, which can land and will apply to any wins on the same spin that they appear on.

U-Spin Features for Everyone!

The blue chip is probably our favourite of the two as landing one on reels two, three and four will lead to free spins. Before the spins begin, you’ll be taken to the U-Spin wheel where various combinations of spins and features are included. There are over a dozen different segments on the wheel so we won’t cover all of them – you can play the game above if you want specifics – but general you can expect between one and eight spins with additional extras including locked wilds, symbols that become additional wilds and lower value icons being removed from the board. Basically, you’ll receive a modest number of spins but they’ll take place on a noticeably better board than the base game.

Next up is the green chip and the objective, once again, is to land one on each of reels two, three and four. Doing so will see players taken to a U-Spin wheel once again but this time, rather than free spins, the segments are packed with instant cash. It could not be simpler as you spin the wheel and wherever it lands is the cash prize that you receive.

If you like spinning wheels and winning big then there’s not much more to say about Vegas Hits apart from that you should play it as soon as possible! As noted, you can enjoy all the action with no deposit at the top of this game review.

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